Barn Frames Available

Cullen construction has the technical expertise/experience and industry connections to find that stunning barn frame and deliver to you a piece of history worthy of the dream that inspired it. All frames are carefully photographed, documented and tagged to include scaled plans. The structure is then dismantled, washed and skillfully repaired/modified with like materials to preserve the original appearance and character. Working with your design team/builder, we will schedule and coordinate all aspects of delivery and re-erection of your frame anywhere in the continental United States and beyond. In the Philadelphia area and surrounding region, Cullen Construction will work with your architect not only to source your antique timber frame, but also develop accurate construction budgets for all phases of your project, and manage the construction process from start to finish.  

CREEK BARN - Circa 1847

KELLY SHED - Circa 1840

BANGOR SHED - Circa 1850

STRAW BARN - Circa 1818

LANCE BARN - Circa 1818

SMYTHE SHED - Circa 1840